Friday, 3 July 2015


There is a well defined religion of commerce “satisfaction of consumers is beyond one’s worship”, and this project by THE INDO WORLD INFRASTRUCTURE is no exception to it. Bringing alive a new connectivity of commerce with IT interface is creating a significant buzz among the buyers, because it is based on one of the concepts, which in the earlier scenario couldn’t be even imagined. But, as they say this QUANTUM of development and they are rare to occur. The main fundamental behind this project which sets it apart from the others is its set of RETAIL market in the lower floor with offices on the upper ones. This combination was in demand in NOIDA, since it’s formulation in 1976, but it was the INDO DEVELOPERS who took the batten of hard work to a level which is hard to even to imagine.

Panache Real Estate

EMPORIS TOWER has its location in NOIDA sector 140 near THE YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY, the ultimate connecting source of DELHI’s road network zones, which is going to prove a lethal combination to beat where the word facility will find a new definition of human satisfaction coming alive. The INDO WORLD INFRASTRUCTURE Pvt. Ltd ,one of the leading real estate honchos, are behind this vision of IT and COMMERCE interface .Their name has been a guarantee of phase change and with this one, they have taken it to new level. The various townships near that region along with colleges nearby ,give a boost to this project as corporate offices have potential buyers in the townships and RETAIL market has it’s in college students and township residents. With a set of around 21 floors, with allotment of ground floor to RETAIL SELLERS and rest to CORPORATE OFFICES is such an experiment which will create a new market of its own.

PANACHE REALCON, one of the leading real estate consultancy, has passed it’s every litmus test and is there to withstand every problem to stand by its consumers and create a new definition of service. This buy will prove not just a financial profit deal, but also a PEACE INIATIATER which cannot be bought at any cost AND HERE IT COMES FOR FREE!!!!!

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